Tinsley Mortimer Net Worth

Tinsley Mortimer Net Worth: 5 Facts You Should Know

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Tinsley Mortimer is the familiar name for the people who love to watch television series. She is an American socialite and television personality best known for her work on the season two premiere episode of Gossip Girl. People loved her appearance in Gossip Girl which helped her to collect fan followings.

41 years, Tinsley was born in Richmond, Virginia, United States. Tinsley moved to New York and graduated from Columbia college but she completed her high school at The Lawrenceville School which is located in New Jersey. As a child, she grew up with the backdrop of tennis courts and swimming pools.

Here are some facts about Tinsley Mortimer :

1. Tinsley Mortimer net worth is estimated to be $35 million.

As of 2018, Tinsley Mortimer net worth is around $35 million. It is not easy to earn this amount of money in a short period time. In background dedication, hard work and sleepless night are essential to earning this amount of net worth which we can see on Tinsley Mortimer. Her talent is the key to her success to this level.

Tinsley had basically earned her net worth from her appearance in television shows. She is such television star who can easily impress her audience through her work. This had led her to increase her net worth.

2. She produced her own reality television show.

Yes, Tinsley Mortimer’s own reality television show was created by Mike Aho and Andrew Glassman for The CW named High Society aired on March 10, 2010. Tinsley was starred along with other socialites such as Devorah Rose and Paul Johnson Calderon. The show is all about the lives of Tinsley and her friends which was canceled after eight episodes.

Recently, for season 9 of the popular reality show The Real Housewives of New York City Tinsley is one of the cast which would add more excitement to her fans.

3. Tinsley is a successful businesswomen as well.

Tinsley has a clothing line and handbags collection in Japan for Samantha Thavasa, for which she was featured in an advertising campaign. Tinsley is also featured in Samantha Thavasa USA’s online promotional materials and in Madison Avenue store which carries her handbags.

Riccime is a clothing line founded by Tinsley which is accessible in selected stores in Japan, such as Isetan. After her success in business, she was involved in branding and design for a Condominium development in 2008.

4. She is an Author of a Book.

Tinsley Mortimer is an amazing author as well who wrote a novel titled Southern Charm, which follows Minty Davenport from South Carolina to New York where she is the victim of rumors. Simon and Schuster published it in April 2013. The Park Avenue Diet is one of the best selling books of Manhattan diet doctor Stuart Fischer where Tinsley had also contributed.

5. Tinsley Mortimer eloped at the age of 18.

Tinsley Mortimer eloped at the age of 18 with her boyfriend Robert Livingston Mortimer. After that their parents forced them to annul the marriage, as a result of May 4, 2002, the beautiful couple remarried in Richmond, Virginia.

The couple first met each other at Lawrenceville School where she completed her High School. Unfortunately, Tinsley and Robert divorced back in 2009 and her current status is single. Tinsley appeared in the show Dr. Phil show along with her mother Dale talking about her divorce after their separation.

Interesting Facts about Tinsley Mortimer