Ty Simpkins Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Ty Simpkins Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

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At his young age, Ty Simpkins has proudly accomplished more than most in the world of entertainment – he has starred in two of the biggest blockbusters of all time. Simpkins can be seen opposite Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt in Universal’s dinosaur box office monster hit Jurassic World. Prior, he starred opposite Robert Downey Jr. in Disney/Marvel’s Iron Man 3, which holds the record as the sixth highest grossing superhero film. Simpkins will reprise his role from that film in Avengers: Endgame. He stars in the psychological drama Meadowland opposite Olivia Wilde, Elizabeth Moss and Luke Wilson, which premiered at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival. Simpkins plays the role of ‘Adam,’ a special needs child who often gets in trouble at school. He also stars in the thriller Hangman alongside his sister Ryan Simpkins, which premiered at SXSW 2015. Simpkins has been acting since he was born, first appearing as an infant on the iconic soap opera series “One Life to Live.” Ty made his feature debut in Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds starring alongside Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning. Simpkins starred in the psychological horror flick Insidious, which grossed close to $100 million worldwide, and also starred in its sequel. Previously, Ty was featured in films such as the award-winning Revolutionary, New Line’s Pride and Glory, opposite Colin Farrell and Edward Norton, and Little Children starring Kate Winslet.

Interesting Facts about Ty Simpkins

  • He was named after Ty Cobb the baseball player. His sister, Ryan, was named after Nolan Ryan, also a baseball player. Both Simpkins children were named by their father.
  • March 2008: Worked alongside his sister, Ryan, in CSI episode, “A Thousand Days On Earth” (Air – April 10th, 2008).
  • Was taught the ukulele while on location in Hawaii by Oscar Award winner, Kirk Francis.
  • Younger brother of actress Ryan Simpkins.
  • Filming War of the Worlds (2005) with Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning. [November 2004]
  • Began working on the daytime soap opera The Guiding Light at the tender age of just 3 weeks old.
  • At Russell Crowe’s invitation Ty sat next to Crowe fielding questions at the Hollywood Forgin Press Conferance for The Next Three Days (2010) at the Waldorf Astoria Towers in NYC in November 2010.
  • Has worked with Kate Winslet three times. The first time in All The Kings Men (where Ty’s scenes ended up on the cutting room floor); then again in Little Children; and Revolutionary Road where Ty and his real life sister, Ryan Simpkins play Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio’s children, Michael and Jennifer Wheeler.
  • Ty Simpkins graduated High School from The Episcopal School of Los Angeles, in Hollywood, California.
  • Went to public school K-5; Attends a private middle school when not filming. (January 2015).
  • Wilmington, North Carolina: Filming Iron Man 3 (2013) (July-August 2012). [July 2012]
  • Filming All The Kings Men, as young Jack Burden in Louisiana, USA. [December 2004]

Personal Quotes by Ty Simpkins

I loved ‘Iron Man.’

- Ty Simpkins

It’s very important to think optimistically. You’ve got to think to yourself, ‘I’m going to get better every day.’

- Ty Simpkins

As an actor, you act in order to make a living. Then, when you can make a living, you start acting because you want to do what you love to do. I need to remind myself of that a lot.

- Ty Simpkins

I do have advice for any kid actors. Just go in there and own it like you own the job already. You just have to say, ‘I’m going to get this. I’m going to get this.’

- Ty Simpkins

The Hulk has an awesome superpower. He turns into this giant monster that can eliminate several dudes at once.

- Ty Simpkins