Tyler Posey Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Tyler Posey Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

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Tyler was born in Santa Monica, California, and lives in the Los Angeles area with his two dogs. He is the son of Cyndi Garcia (1959-2014) and actor/writer John Posey. He is of Mexican (mother) and British Isles (father) descent. Tyler developed an early interest in the arts, and began his acting career performing on stage with his actor/writer dad, at the age of six. They later worked in television and film together. He is also a singer/songwriter. He has two siblings, an older brother, Derek, and a younger brother, Jesse Posey, also an actor.


Interesting Facts about Tyler Posey

  • Was considered for the role of “Jacob Black” in the book-based motion picture, Twilight (2008).
  • He has acted alongside three actors who have played the role of Clark Kent/Superman: He appeared in an episode of Smallville (2001-2011) with Tom Welling, and on Teen Wolf (2011-2017) with Dylan Sprayberry, who played the role in Man Of Steel (2013), and Tyler Hoechlin, who played Superman in Supergirl (2015 – ).
  • His father, whose family is from New York and Connecticut, is of English, Scottish, Irish, and German descent. Tyler’s mother was of Mexican ancestry.
  • Best friends with Teen Wolf (2011) co-star Dylan O’Brien.
  • Trained with acting trainers Steven Anderson and Todd Thaler (aka Todd Thayler).
  • Formerly engaged to make up artist Seana Gorlick, whom he has known since childhood. They were in a relationship for 10 years.
  • Son of John Posey and Cyndi Garcia.
  • Hobbies are writing music, singing, and skateboarding.

Personal Quotes by Tyler Posey

When my mom passed, it hit us hard. She was the glue that held our family together.

- Tyler Posey

I want to put everything in my career.

- Tyler Posey

The best thing about it is getting it all out there. Whatever you have on your chest, it just feels really good to talk to somebody who you have no ties to… so I think therapy is great. I think everyone should try it out.

- Tyler Posey

I grew up with lacrosse in my life because my dad played lacrosse all throughout college, so I grew up with the gear in my house – like the sticks, the helmet.

- Tyler Posey

I’m a big fan of zombies, and I have a zombie tattoo on my leg.

- Tyler Posey