Young Nudy Net Worth: 5 Interesting Facts You Should Know

Young Nudy Net Worth

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Young Nudy is an emerging American rapper from Atlanta. Within just two years, Young Nudy has become a name that is remembered among fans tongue’s for producing three mixtapes namely Slime Ball, Slime Ball 2, and Nudy Land which have been big successes.

Tracks like “No Clue”, “Yeah Yeah”, “Cancer Stick No Pressure”, and “First Day Out” have done very well for him and he looks like he is just getting started.

Here are some interesting facts about Young Nudy:


1. Young Nudy Net Worth is estimated to be $100,000

As of 2018, Young Nudy net worth is estimated to be $100,000. His stock is rising tremendously with him already garnering more than 200k followers on Instagram. After the big success of his mixtapes, Nudy went on a tour in 2017 where he did more than 40 performances across the U.S.

His net worth is expected to rise at a very fast rate in the coming years as his successful works are getting him more and more opportunities.

2. He started to take rap seriously after “First Day Out”

Becoming a rapper and taking it as a profession was not something that he was 100% sure on. After the release of the song, which garnered more than 80,000 views very quickly, Nudy started to think about it.

For him back then, such a view count was a very big thing and when he realized how much people liked his music, he started to grind towards a career that is looking very bright today.

3. 21 Savage is his cousin

21 Savage might be the reason why Young Nudy today has a career in hip-hop. One of the reasons for why he started to take the industry seriously was when he featured on 21 Savage’s song titled “Air It Out” back in 2015.

This helped Nudy create an instant impression about his talent to the audience. Such a grand response has motivated Nudy to produce great pieces of music today.

4. Nudy listened to Cash Money as a kid

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He mentions that while growing up, he used to listen to a lot of rap. One of the artists that impressed Nudy was Cash Money. Even though he was into rap a lot, so were many of his colleagues. That is why being an artist was not always in his mind. But consciously or unconsciously, he used to rap a lot and eventually got really good at it as well.

His style and tone of music has been compared with many other top artists including Gucci Mane. But, Nudy has insisted that he has his own unique style of rap. He immerses into his own world while developing music and creates what he thinks is best and what he likes as well.

Thankfully for him, it seems to be working as his fans seem to love it as well. Seems they have a similar taste. Even for the future, Nudy is going to keep on producing the type of style of rap that he thinks is best and not fall into a certain trend distorting his own style.

5. His entrance into the mainstream scene was the result of Nudy Land

The response that Nudy Land had received even surprised him. Even though Nudy had expectations from the project, he could not have imagined the scale of success that would go on to receive especially the support that he received from his fans in social media.

He does feel like an underdog though. According to him, his fellow colleagues in the industry have still not given him the amount of credit that he truly deserves for his work. He implies that it does not bother him but is definitely traceable. He says that he wants to show up and speak up when it truly matters and he does it best with his work. The Slime Ball series also played an integral part in the development of his career in its earlier stages.

Nudy is very optimistic about the future and ready to materialize his big dreams. He wants to truly be among the best of the best rappers selling out large shows and having the media cover him everyday. He even has plans to be on movies one day.