Brad Pitt Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Brad Pitt Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

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An actor and producer known as much for his versatility as he is for his handsome face, Golden Globe-winner Brad Pitt’s most widely recognized role may be Tyler Durden in Fight Club (1999). However, his portrayals of Billy Beane in Moneyball (2011), and Rusty Ryan in the remake of Ocean’s Eleven (2001) and its sequels, also loom large in his filmography.


Interesting Facts about Brad Pitt

  • He has English, some Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, and small and/or remote (to varying degrees) amounts of German, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, Swedish, Dutch, French, Cornish, and Channel Islander/Jersey, ancestry. His family has lived in the U.S. since the 1600s on many family lines. In 2012, Brad stated on Inside the Actors Studio (1994) that he might have Seminole and Cherokee roots. These lineages are unverified.
  • Listed as one of twelve “Promising New Actors of 1991” in John Willis’ Screen World, Vol. 43 (1991).
  • Made a cameo appearance with Matt Damon for free in Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002) as a favor to Ocean’s Eleven (2001) co-star and close friend George Clooney – the film was Clooney’s directorial debut.
  • A short while after completing A River Runs Through It (1992), he fled to Amsterdam where he briefly resided for three months by himself in a small basement apartment before returning to the United States to film Kalifornia (1993).
  • Dropped out of the University of Missouri School of Journalism (Columbia, Missouri).
  • Once visited Simba River Camp in Kenya, a safari lodge.
  • He was trained to handle weapons by renowned Hollywood gun coach Thell Reed, who has also trained such actors as Val Kilmer, Leonardo DiCaprio, Russell Crowe, Sam Elliot, Girard Swan, Ben Foster and Kurt Russell.
  • His favorite football team is the New Orleans Saints.
  • Was listed as a potential nominee on the 2005 Razzie Award nominating ballot. He was listed as a suggestion in the Worst Actor category for his performance in the film Troy (2004). However, he did not receive a nomination.
  • He was considered for the lead role in The Matrix (1999), which went to Keanu Reeves.
  • Ranked #32 in Empire (UK) magazine’s “The Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time” list. [October 1997]
  • On the invitation of Virgin CEO Richard Branson, he visited over 100 orphans affected by HIV at a facility run by The Salvation Army in South Africa as well as personally meeting Nelson Mandela and discussing Mandela’s 46664 campaign (named for his prison ID number) to call attention to South Africa’s devastating AIDS epidemic. After South Africa, he then flew to Ethiopia on behalf of DATA, a third-world lobby group co-founded by U2’s Bono. [November 2004]

Personal Quotes by Brad Pitt

Success is a beast. And it actually puts the emphasis on the wrong thing. You get away with more instead of looking within.

- Brad Pitt

I have very few friends. I have a handful of close friends, and I have my family, and I haven’t known life to be any happier.

- Brad Pitt

My happiest moment is the day they call wrap and I’m free. I’m not looking back.

- Brad Pitt

I have a hard time with morals. All I know is what feels right, what’s more important to me is being honest about who you are. Morals I get a little hung up on.

- Brad Pitt

America is a country founded on guns. It’s in our DNA. It’s very strange but I feel better having a gun. I really do. I don’t feel safe, I don’t feel the house is completely safe, if I don’t have one hidden somewhere. That’s my thinking, right or wrong.

- Brad Pitt