Coffee Meets Bagel Net Worth

Coffee Meets Bagel Net Worth: How Much is the Website Worth?

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Coffee meets bagel is one of the popular dating and social networking website which is located in San Francisco. This website is such dating site which serves up a small number of targeted matches each day.

This famous website was established by three sisters named as Arum, Dawoon and Soo Kang. On April 17, 2012, this website was launched in New York City and in  Boston on May 10, 2012. Later the app of this website Coffee Meets Bagel was launched on October 24, 2012, in San Francisco.

Here are some facts about Coffee Meets Bagel :

1. Coffee Meets Bagel net worth is estimated to be $600 million.

As of 2018, Coffee Meets Bagel net worth is estimated to be more than $600 million. Three sisters had worked hard to make this website the best one. The sisters had earned this amount of money through making people connected to their perfect match.

They had successfully matched millions of people. The main reason for their good amount of net worth is they are real. In the world of the internet, very few dating websites are real and most them are the scam. We can count them among the real one.

2. Coffee Meets Bagel is women’s favorite.

Women love coffee meets bagel then men. There is the certain reason why they trust and like this dating site. Coffee meets bagel boasts highly educated user than any other dating sites. Among the user, 96% users hold at least a Bachelor’s degree and others Master’s degree. Coffee Meets Bagel tries to connect the matches through the mutual friend on Facebook which helps people to each other more.

3. Coffee Meets Bagel rejected to sell the company.

Coffee Meets Bagel gets traffic of millions of dollar which impressed Mark Cuban. Due to its popularity, Mark Cuban decided to buy the company and offered the largest amount of $30 million to the owner of Coffee Meets Bagel.The trio sisters Arum, Dawoon and Soo Kang rejected his proposal even after getting such good offer. This lead Mark Cuban to exit with the empty hand.

4. Male Dominated dating apps inspired to create Coffee Meets Bagel.

The trio sisters were from different background and had 20+ years of consumer experience and decided to do something of their own. To start something of their own they need some ideas and for it, they started noticing their surroundings. Dating and meeting people were a big pain point to their lots of friends, mainly women.

After that, they started searching history of the dating industry and found that they are not any dating services who understand the way women wanted to date. Most of the services were only oriented to men but not women. Approaches to dating according to men and women are entirely different. This led them to create Coffee Meets Bagel who understands women.

5. Coffee Meets Bagel is influenced by their family.

The trio sisters had spent their childhood in the entrepreneurial family. Their dad had a metal recycling business which was right out of college along with his brother. They had seen the struggle of their father to build his business. Their father always thought about growing his business faster but efficiently. This influenced three sisters to start up their own and as result, we can see Coffee Meets Bagel.

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