Emma Thompson Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Emma Thompson Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

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Emma Thompson was born on April 15, 1959 in Paddington, London, into a family of actors – father Eric Thompson and mother Phyllida Law, who has co-starred with Thompson in several films. Her sister, Sophie Thompson, is an actor as well. Her father was English-born and her mother is Scottish-born. Thompson’s wit was cultivated by a cheerful, clever, creative family atmosphere, and she was a popular and successful student. She attended Cambridge University, studying English Literature, and was part of the university’s Footlights Group, the famous group where, previously, many of the Monty Python members had first met.


Interesting Facts about Emma Thompson

  • Did an uncredited final polishing of the script for Paddington (2014).
  • She was awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6714 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California on August 6, 2010. Among those who helped her celebrate were Maggie Gyllenhaal and Hugh Laurie.
  • Met husband-to-be Greg Wise on the set of Sense and Sensibility (1995).
  • Whilst working on the Oscar winning script for Sense and Sensibility (1995), Emma’s computer developed a serious problem and she was unable to locate the file. She took the computer to Stephen Fry who, after seven hours, finally managed to retrieve the script.
  • Good friends with Maggie Gyllenhaal and Hayley Atwell.
  • Attended and graduated from Camden School for Girls, and the all-women Newnham College of Cambridge University with an English degree (1982). Jodhi May also attended Camden School for Girls.
  • She was the first choice for the female lead in Happy Families (1985). However, she was unavailable as she won the lead in the musical “Me and My Girl”.
  • Has one song dedicated to her and named after her, on famous French singer Georges Moustaki’s album “Moustaki” (2003).
  • Both Emma and her sister, Sophie Thompson, met their future husbands– Greg Wise and Richard Lumsden respectively– on the set of Sense and Sensibility (1995).
  • Her brother-in-law is Richard Lumsden, a British actor-comedian.
  • Has been best friends with Simon McBurney ever since they were teenagers.
  • Her mother is Phyllida Law, who has appeared in several movies with her.

Personal Quotes by Emma Thompson

Its unfortunate and I really wish I wouldn’t have to say this, but I really like human beings who have suffered. They’re kinder.

- Emma Thompson

I hate the way market forces try to separate us out in to the appropriate demographic – basically in order to sell us things. We need to find stories that we can enjoy together, not separately.

- Emma Thompson

I was brought up by very witty people who were dealing with quite difficult things: disease and death… I was brought up by people who tended to giggle at funerals.

- Emma Thompson

It is remarkable how many misconceptions there are here about life in the developing world and I think that that knowledge gap has done a lot to contribute to the imbalance quite frankly.

- Emma Thompson

My appearance has changed a lot over the years, but it has far more to do with how I feel about being a woman.

- Emma Thompson