Judy Greer Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Judy Greer Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

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Judy Greer was born and raised outside of Detroit, Michigan, as Judith Therese Evans. She is the daughter of Mollie Ann (née Greer), a hospital administrator and former nun, and Richard Evans, a mechanical engineer. She has German, Irish, English, Welsh, and Scottish ancestry. After training for nearly ten years in classical Russian ballet, Greer shifted her interest to acting and was accepted into Chicago’s prestigious Theatre School at DePaul University.

Interesting Facts about Judy Greer

  • Is a Los Angeles Dodgers fan.
  • Friends with actresses Aasha Davis and Kellymarie Demaray.
  • Attended Winston Churchill High School in Livonia, Michigan. She was an active member of the Creative And Performing Arts program – CAPA (other CAPA alumni are Nicole Forester and Rosie Thomas).
  • Starring in her own TV series and playing a yoga instructor in the Get a Mac ads. [April 2008]
  • During her college years, Judy’s roommate was famous House Music DJ, Colette (Marino), wife of actor Thomas Ian Nicholas.
  • Wrote the autobiographical book, “I Don’t Know What You Know Me From: My Life as a Co-Star” (Publication date:04/08/2014).
  • An avid knitter, she knitted a lot on the set of the television pilot “Dicks.”.
  • Graduated from The Theatre School at DePaul University in Chicago.
  • Born on the same date as Aimee Mullins.
  • The Descendants (2011), The TV Set (2006) and Miss Guided (2008) are her three favorite roles.
  • New York City, NY, USA: Accompanied Lee Pace at the premiere of A Single Man (2009) at MOMA. [December 2009]
  • The producers of Love Happens (2009) encouraged her to change her hair color to red because they felt that she and her co-star Jennifer Aniston looked too similar.

Personal Quotes by Judy Greer

I would have played any character in an Alexander Payne movie.

- Judy Greer

It’s so cheap to just release a movie. You can do it by yourself if you have to. Put in on the Internet if you have to.

- Judy Greer

I am an actress – I am paid to verbalize other people’s words, not create my own.

- Judy Greer

I enjoy the old-fashioned idea of, like, ‘His Girl Friday’ and ‘Bringing Up Baby’, those old movies.

- Judy Greer

Reluctantly Healthy’ is so completely different than what I do for a living. It’s really what I wanted it to be, which is learning to be healthy.

- Judy Greer