Michael Blakey Net Worth

Michael Blakey Net Worth: 5 Facts You Should Know

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Michael Blakey is a record producer, musician, songwriter, and manager. He has had a very successful career as a producer for music videos and television content and now has made a name for himself as a talent manager a well.

Here are some interesting facts about Michael Blakey:

1. Michael Blakey’s net worth is estimated to be around $60 million.

As of 2019, Michael Blakey’s net worth is around $60 million. Blakey has made the majority of his large fortune as a producer and promoter. Being behind some of the most lucrative musical talents and concerts all around the world, Blakey has made millions of dollars, though the details remain undisclosed.

He has worked in association with stars like 2Pac, Glen Campbell, Waylon Jennings, Bob Carlisle, and Ron White to name a few. Some of these artists have earned him several gold and platinum records which clearly shows the amount of money he has been able to earn.

2. He became a producer at the age of 19.

Blakey was born on 8 December 1958,  in London, England. He was driven from a very young age to do something significant in his life. By the age of 19 when others were still in school, Blakey decided that he would start working. His initial position was as a resident producer at Hansa Studios.

This production company which was located in Berlin, Germany would be his learning ground that helped him gain the much needed exposure in the business. Blakey went through a steep learning curve there and once he understood the business well, he started contributing well as well. He had the opportunity there to work with stars and artists including big names like Boney M, Udo Lindenberg, and Julio Iglesias. With time, he would produce singles for many of the top European artist. One of his most recognizable work was for the rock band called Phlox.

3. He was a drummer and composer for Tidal Force.

Blakey was not just interested in being a producer, he wanted to be on the other side of the coin as well. He was very passionate about composing and played the drum very well. Throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s, he would follow his passion for music and continue to work on improving his skills.

Eventually in 1993, he finally decided that he was going to join a band. That band would be the European Tidal Force. In their prime, the band did very well releasing a LP called Will to Power the very next year. As Blakey reflects, according to him the single Will to Power and A Man Rides Through were a very big hit during his time there. He was once quoted by Modern drummer Magazine as one of the top ten drummers in the world.

Michael Blakey Tidal Force
Michael Blakey was a member (drummer) of the melodic heavy metal group Tidal Force.

4. He founded 3 production companies in the 1990’s.

Tidal Force was always about his passion for music and playing the drum. But, his expertise was still in production. The 1990’s was the era during which Blakey became a very big name in the production scene, a field which was very lucrative and Blakey managed to be among the best there. He held on to the position of chief of A & R for Atico Records until 1994.

During the period from 1994 to 2000, he would work on establishing three other music production companies that established his presence in the industry as a leader. One of his most recognized works include the musical soundtrack for Disney’s Cinderella II: Dreams Come True.

Among his companies included 2KSounds which had two other partners as well. This was one of his most successful companies having been one of the earliest to promote music on the Internet. This was something very knew at the time but Blakey definitely knew where the fan base was heading to. Money would accumulate through the company as well since it had a joint venture partnership with Virgin Records where he served as President.

5. He is currently the President at Electra Star Management.

In 2009, he formed the Organica Media Group which produces feature motion pictures and television content. The group has been able to work with big stars like Margo Rey and Crystal Harris.

That same year, he also formed Electra Star Management. This has been a company where Blakey has devoted most of his time recently. He is currently President there and his managers are managing talents like Billy Bob Thornton, Pamela Anderson, and Brett Butle.

Bonus Facts

  • Did you know Michael Blakey is licensed to drive race cars? He is also licensed to fly various types of aircraft and to race offshore power boats.
  • He has one daughter born August 2009.
  • He married his wife, Sasha Blakey, in Nice, France, on February 2008.
  • His mother was an Olympic swimmer.
  • Mr Blakey Is fluent in German and Spanish.
  • Was named Honorary Deputy Sheriff of Pasco County (2005) and Hillsborough County (2004).
  • Developed the software technology for Forensic Frequency Separation (with the help of forensic scientists) permitting the audio extraction of vocal performances from a monaural recordings allowing them to be used in a contemporary recording format. This innovation enabled Blakey to create the Patsy Cline “Duets” album.

Interesting Facts about Michael Blakey