Nick Jonas Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Nick Jonas Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

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Nick Jonas is best known as one of the Jonas Brothers, a band formed with he and his brothers Kevin and Joe. He has appeared in films such as Night at the Museum: Battle for the Smithsonian and Careful What You Wish For. He has also appeared television series’ Last Man Standing and Hawaii Five-0. Jonas starred in JONAS L.A., a Disney Channel original series. In 2014, Jonas began work as Demi Lovato’s Musical and Creative Director.


Interesting Facts about Nick Jonas

  • He was the final Gavroche in the musical Les Miserables when it closed on Broadway after 18 years. He played the role for the final 9 months of the show which closed on 18 May 2003.
  • Was doing a solo project until his agent discovered his brothers (Kevin and Joe) had talent also.
  • His band The Jonas Brothers have had over 7 music videos on TV, but have made over 14 music videos for their songs.
  • One of a handful of celebrities passing through Los Angeles International Airport (1 November 2013), when a gunman opened fire killing a TSA official. Jonas was about to deplane at the terminal when the shooting started.
  • His favorite actors are Matt Long and Keri Lynn Pratt, who both star in Jack & Bobby (2004).
  • He owns 16 guitars.
  • His favorite song to play in concert is A Little Bit Longer.
  • He plays the electric and acoustic guitar, piano, and the drums.
  • He has German, English, Scottish, Irish, Italian/Sicilian (from a great-grandfather), French-Canadian, and Cherokee Native American ancestry.
  • Received a dog for his 16th birthday, whom he names Elvis.
  • Lived his dream of playing Marius Pontmercy in the musical Les Miserables. He played the role in London’s West End at the Queens Theater for 5 weeks starting June 21, 2010. He then returned to play the role for the 25th Anniversary Concert in London at The O2 on October 3, 2010.
  • His favorite movie is Juno (2007) and his favorite song is “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder.

Personal Quotes by Nick Jonas

I think my favorite song from another artist would have to be ‘Superstition’ by Stevie Wonder.

- Nick Jonas

I have a lot of memos in my phone of songs; I’ve had dreams about a melody. It’s always melody first as far as when stuff like that happens – I find that my melodic sense is my strongest asset as a songwriter.

- Nick Jonas

I see my career as not just music, but as hopefully an entertainer on all mediums, and someone who can have real influence and make great art.

- Nick Jonas

It’s a dream of mine to win a Grammy one day. I’m not saying I’m Grammy-worthy, but it would be a dream come true.

- Nick Jonas

I made a resolution in 2010 to stop drinking Diet Coke, and I haven’t had Diet Coke since then. I think it was the best life change I’ve ever made, because I drank quite a lot of it.

- Nick Jonas