Penn Badgley Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Penn Badgley Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

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Penn Badgley was born in Baltimore, Maryland, to Lynne Murphy Badgley and Duff Badgley, who worked as a newspaper reporter and carpenter. Badgley split his childhood years between Richmond, Virginia. and Seattle, Washington. In Seattle, he was involved in the Seattle Children’s Theater and did voice-overs for a children’s radio station. It was through these experiences that Badgley discovered his love of acting. This passion brought him one summer to Hollywood, where he landed an agent and his first big break guest-starring on Will & Grace (1998). After relocating with his mother to Los Angeles, Badgley secured several recurring roles on The Young and the Restless (1973), The Brothers Garcia (2000), and Daddio (2000).


Interesting Facts about Penn Badgley

  • For a time Penn’s acting coach was Harold Guskin, author of the acclaimed book “How to Stop Acting” (2003).
  • Penn’s two passions in life are music and acting.
  • Upon being asked how his name originated, he says his father was bouncing a Pilot Pen tennis ball in frustration while trying to think of baby names. When his mother got her ultrasound, he referred to the baby looking like the size of the tennis ball. And thus, they named him Penn.
  • Penn’s most embarrassing moment was forgetting the words to “The Star-Spangled Banner” while singing at a minor-league baseball game.
  • Long before starring together on Gossip Girl (2007), Penn Badgley and Blake Lively were home schooled together as children.
  • Penn is the frontman of the Brooklyn based band, Mothxr. Originally the band had been called Mother but they found it extremely difficult to promote because it’s impossible for people to google.
  • His favorite musician of all time is D’Angelo. His favorite album is ‘Voodoo’.
  • Penn’s band, Mothxr is composed of transplants from other bands. Jimmy Giannoppulos of Pretty Good Dance Moves, Lolawolf and Reputante. Simon Oscroft of No. Darren Will of Rathbourne and Lakis Pavlou of Drowners.
  • Son-in-law of Simon Kirke, former drummer with British rock bands Free (“All Right Now”) and Bad Company (“Can’t Get Enough”).
  • Penn, Leighton Meester and Blake Lively are the only Gossip Girl cast members to appear in every single episode of the series.
  • First single, Easy, from his band Mother was released June 3, 2014 on iTunes.
  • Has one child: a son (born August 11th 2020) with wife Domino Kirke.

Personal Quotes by Penn Badgley

Because I came into fame so early on, I’ve never done that. I don’t investigate through the Internet about people who I know in the same way that I think most people do because I know what that’s like to be on the other end of it. I think it gave me a certain kind of discipline, or empathy.

- Penn Badgley

I want to be an actor – I don’t want to be a celebrity. They are two different things, and people have forgotten that they are different.

- Penn Badgley

I know this might sound absurd, but since I’ve been famous, I believe I’ve only been on two dates that would be considered a ‘first date.’ It’s not the way I’ve ever really engaged in terms of romantic relationships.

- Penn Badgley

You know, as an only child, you’re kind of in a bubble, and there are all sorts of things about my childhood that I still can’t really place.

- Penn Badgley

I’m grounded, I can say that. I can say that. I am, and it’s great. I don’t know where it comes from. But I’ve always been like that.

- Penn Badgley