Rebecca Ferguson Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Rebecca Ferguson Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

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Rebecca Ferguson was born Rebecca Louisa Ferguson Sundström in Stockholm, Sweden, and grew up in its Vasastaden district. Her father is Swedish. Her mother, Rosemary Ferguson, is British, of Scottish and Northern Irish descent, and moved to Sweden at the age of 25. Rebecca attended an English-speaking school in Sweden and was raised bilingual, speaking Swedish and English. As a student, she attended the Adolf Fredrik’s Music School in Stockholm and graduated in 1999.


Interesting Facts about Rebecca Ferguson

  • Announced that she was six months pregnant with her second child during her appearance on The Graham Norton Show (2007) on January 26, 2018.
  • Her mother helped to translate ABBA’s ‘Waterloo’ from Swedish to English and was also the woman sitting cross-legged on a chair on the album’s cover.
  • Tom Cruise chose her for Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015) after having seen her in the mini-series The White Queen (2013).
  • She’s a fan of Breaking Bad (2008).
  • First Swedish actress to be nominated for a Golden Globe award in 15 years since Ann-Margret in 1999.
  • From the age of thirteen, she worked as a model in magazines, for television/cinema commercials, and for different brand names (make-up, clothes, jewellery), etc.
  • Has danced from a very early age; ballet, tap-dancing, jazz/show and street funk to Argentinean Tango. Her interest in tango has led to her being asked to help teach beginner courses in Lund, Sweden.
  • Performed her own stunts in Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015). She went under vigorous fitness and stunt training, consisting of 6-weeks of a 6 hours-a-day training schedule, including Pilates, fight choreography and stunt practice.
  • Ranked #7 on IMDb’s “Top Stars of 2015”.
  • Was named one of Variety’s “10 Actors to Watch” in 2015.
  • Stated her desire to work with director Tim Burton as well as actors Helen Mirren, Maggie Smith, Hugh Laurie and Helena Bonham Carter.
  • Her father is Swedish. Her mother, Rosemary Margaret Ferguson of Clan Ferguson, is English and moved to Sweden when she was 25 years old. Her maternal grandfather … Ferguson of Clan Ferguson is Scottish and his wife her maternal grandmother … Martin is from Ulster, Northern Ireland. Rebecca took her mother’s surname as her stage name. While Rebecca is sometimes said to be closely related to The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, Rebecca denied this in a 2015 Daily Mail interview.

Personal Quotes by Rebecca Ferguson

I can do an OK manicure, but I need to stick to singing.

- Rebecca Ferguson

Sometimes I won’t put a lot of make up on; I won’t put foundation on. I’ll just pop a bit of blusher on. I’m not obsessed with trying to look like a Victoria’s Secret model – it’s real life.

- Rebecca Ferguson

I absolutely love Nicole Scherzinger. She’s worked really hard to get to where she is and really knows her stuff.

- Rebecca Ferguson

You meet someone, you care for them, and you fall in love; it’s what it is.

- Rebecca Ferguson

I love hats and winter is the perfect time for them. I love winter time fashion.

- Rebecca Ferguson