Sofia Coppola Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Sofia Coppola Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

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Sofia Coppola was born on May 14, 1971 in New York City, New York, USA as Sofia Carmina Coppola. She is a director, known for Somewhere (2010), Lost in Translation (2003), and Marie Antoinette (2006). She has been married to Thomas Mars since August 27, 2011. They have two daughters, Romy and Cosima. She was previously married to Spike Jonze.

Interesting Facts about Sofia Coppola

  • Friend of Zoe R. Cassavetes.
  • Cousin of Nicolas Cage, Marc Coppola, and Christopher Coppola.
  • (August 27, 2011) Married her longtime boyfriend, Thomas Mars, with whom she has two daughters: 4-year-old Romy and 1-year-old Cosima. It is her second marriage.
  • With her 2004 Oscar win for screenwriting, she joined her cousin Carmine Coppola in making their family, the Coppolas, the second family to have three generations of Oscar winners with her father, Francis Ford Coppola; grandfather, Carmine Coppola; cousin Nicolas Cage, and herself all winners. The first family is the Hustons: Anjelica Huston, John Huston, and Walter Huston.
  • Replaced Winona Ryder in the role of Mary Corleone in The Godfather Part III (1990).
  • Is one of a select few who have won both an Academy Award and a Razzie.
  • Cousin of Jason Schwartzman and Robert Schwartzman.
  • A friendship of many years with Quentin Tarantino blossomed into a serious relationship recently following Sofia’s separation from her husband Spike Jonze.
  • Designer Marc Jacobs named The Sofia Bag after her.
  • In 2004 she became the first American woman ever nominated for a Best-Director Oscar. The two other past Oscar nominees were New Zealander Jane Campion and Italian Lina Wertmüller.
  • Great-granddaughter of Francesco Pennino.
  • Has stated that her favorite band is The Chemical Brothers.

Personal Quotes by Sofia Coppola

I wanted to make a love story without being nerdy.

- Sofia Coppola

I try to just make what I want to make or what I would want to see. I try not to think about the audience too much.

- Sofia Coppola

Everyone in my family is in the film business; I knew I wanted to be creative and it was important in my family to be artistic.

- Sofia Coppola

With writing, I need a lot of time to sit around and do nothing. But now that I have kids, I just don’t have that luxury. I have a babysitter for three hours a day, which is how long I have to write.

- Sofia Coppola

I definitely have had friendships and moments with people from different backgrounds and in different stages of their lives.

- Sofia Coppola