Comethazine Net Worth

Comethazine Net Worth: 5 Facts You Should Know

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Comethazine is an American rapper best known for his songs like “Run it“ and “Hella Choppers”.

Comethazine, not his birth name. Jahmier Velazquez is his birth name. But had gained his popularity with, his name Camethazine. Mostly he is a SoundCloud rap singer and is the member of Rappers as well.

Here are some facts about Comethazine :

1. Comethazine net worth is estimated to be $100 thousand.

Comethazine net worth is around $100 thousand. Entertaining people with music especially rap is a great talent from which he gains his fan followings. Through his creativity, he had gain fans as well as net worth.

He had gained his fan followings mainly in Soundcloud with over 30,000 followers. His songs receive thousands of streams on Soundcloud which had helped him to increase the net worth. He is emerging young rapper who has the long way to go in the world of rap and with the time his net worth will be also more than this.

2. Comethazine started his career in 2015.

Comethazine had started his music career in 2015. In his early career, he had released songs that were similar to Joey Bada’s style which eventually couldn’t get much attention. After that, he decided to make music more ignorant which attracted the audience and got noticed. Nipsey Hussle and Lil B are some of this influences.

His stage name Comethazine is the combination of cocaine and promethazine . Cocaine was his nickname because as compared to his other friends he was light skinned.

3. Comethazine is only 19 years old.

Yes! You read it correctly. Comethazine is just 19 years old. He had gained the fame as the rapper at this age. July 6 is his birth date in the year 1998. He was born in St. Louis, Missouri. He grew up in East St. Louis, Illinois. He was diagnosed with ADHD when he was in grade 5th.

He had established himself as a new SoundCloud sensational rapper where there is still lots more fame to be gained in coming days.

4. Comethazine had dropped his high school.

Some people don’t like going to school and hate school. Comethazine had dropped high school maybe he did not like the school. But after some time he attended night school and finished his high school degree.

At first, he dropped high school but he might have realized the importance of education in one’s life and joined night school. Whatever the reason was but at the present time, he is one the popular choice of the youngster in rap music. He had grown up listening to Odd Future, Chief Keef, 50 Cent and many more.

5. Comethazine was reported on Instagram.

Comethazine ordered cheese fries from a food stand in New York. He told his friend to record he complain about melting the cheese better on his fries and later he posted it as an Instagram story. Many people saw his post and thought that was not supposed to be done and was rude.They reported him on Instagram. Later after refreshing his page, he realized that the blue checkmark on his Instagram was removed.

Interesting Facts about Comethazine