Cory Monteith Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Cory Monteith Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

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Cory Monteith was born on May 11, 1982 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada as Cory Allan Michael Monteith. He was an actor, known for playing the singing jock Finn on the American TV show Glee (2009) and films such as Monte Carlo (2011), and Final Destination 3 (2006). He died on July 13, 2013 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


Interesting Facts about Cory Monteith

  • In June 2011, Monteith told Parade Magazine that he had a “serious” drug problem from around age 13.
  • Lea Michele Told ELLE Magazine that Cory’s last words to her were “if you say so.” During her first red carpet appearance since his death, those words were visible tattooed on her ribcage.
  • Dropped out of school at 16, after attending 16 different schools.
  • Lea Michele added two songs to her debut album after Cory’s death. One, called “Cannonball,” will be her first single off of the album. The second song, “If You Say So,” is the last thing he said to her.
  • Parents are interior decorator Ann McGregor and serviceman Joe Monteith.
  • Left rehab and reunited with Lea Michele at LAX. [April 2013]
  • Described himself on his personal Twitter page as a ‘tall, awkward, Canadian, actor, drummer, person’.
  • Born on exactly the same date as Jonathan Jackson of “General Hospital” fame.
  • He was of Scottish, Irish, English, and one quarter Dutch/Frisian, descent. His maternal grandmother was born in Hengelo, Gelderland, Netherlands.
  • Had a part in Final Destination 3 (2006), playing a student from McKinley High. His character, “Finn Hudson”, on Glee (2009), also goes to McKinley High.
  • Before he got his big break as an actor, he worked a variety of odd jobs, including Wal-Mart people greeter, cab driver, and roofer.
  • He moved from Calgary, Alberta to Victoria, British Columbia at age 2, after his parents divorced. He grew up in Victoria and considered it his hometown.

Personal Quotes by Cory Monteith

I’m a big fan of ‘Glee.’ I think it’s really smart. And I think it’s well-timed. But you can’t not be surprised at the reception this show’s received. It’s really something else.

- Cory Monteith

I probably tweet every other day, which I know isn’t half as much as some people.

- Cory Monteith

I’ve worked as a labourer, driven taxis and school buses, and been a car mechanic – whatever I could do just to get by. But it does mean that I know a little bit about a lot of things.

- Cory Monteith

I recently had a few days off while shooting a movie in Budapest, so I took a cab from the set to the airport, looked at the departure board, and decided where I wanted to go right then and there. I spent four days in Rome and didn’t tell anyone I was going.

- Cory Monteith

It’s always exciting to explore adult roles when the vast majority of viewers that have seen me on TV know me from ‘Glee,’ from something of a different tone.

- Cory Monteith