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Craig Mack Net Worth: How Rich Was rapper Actually?

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Craig Mack was an American rapper who got fame in hip-hop industry through Sean Combs’ record label Bad Boy Entertainment during 1990s. Before his death, Craig Mack net worth was estimated to be around $600,000.

Craig was born on May 10, 1971 in Queens, New York. He got into rapping industry by releasing his first single “MC EZ” in 1988. However, his career went nowhere until he joined forces with Puff Daddy in 1992. In 1994, he released his first single titled “Flava in Ya Ear” from the album Project: Funk da World. The single was successful and was certified platinum by RIAA. It managed to reach No. 9 in US Charts and 4th in US R&B chart. He then gained more fame with the remix of his 1994 top ten hit, Flava In Ya Ear featuring East Coast biggest talents, Notorious B.I.G, Rampage, LL Cool JJ and Busta Rhymes.

His first album “Project: Funk da World” was certified gold by RIAA and peaked at position 6 on US R&B charts. He then released his second album titled “Operation: Get Down” in 1997 but none of the singles from that album were able to repeat his success.

Struggling to mark his name on rapping industry, Craig said he was working on his upcoming album in 2002. The single from album “Mack Tonight” was released for the album in 2006 but he disappeared from the hip-hop industry until in 2012 a video was shared on YouTube saying he had joined a cult family members and fans.

On March 12, 2018 Craig Mack died at a hospital near his home at Walterboro due to heart failure. According to DJ Scratch, he was ill for some time before his passing.

Craig Mack Net Worth: $600,000

Interesting Facts about Craig Mack