Ellen Pompeo Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Ellen Pompeo Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

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Ellen Kathleen Pompeo was born in Everett, Massachusetts, to Kathleen B. (O’Keefe) and Joseph E. Pompeo, a salesman. She is of Italian (from her paternal grandfather), Irish, and some English, ancestry.


Interesting Facts about Ellen Pompeo

  • Her mother, Kathleen (O’Keefe), died when she was four years old. Her father, Joseph Pompeo, is a salesman.
  • Is a native of Boston.
  • Working on the television series Grey’s Anatomy (2005) in which she plays the main character. [March 2005]
  • Before Grey’s Anatomy (2005), she auditioned for a television pilot called “Secret Service”. That show was not picked up by any television network.
  • Had a part in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004), which was deleted from the final cut.
  • Was discovered while working at SoHo Bar & Grill in New York City.
  • Married to music producer Chris Ivery. After they started dating they learned that they both grew up in Boston, 10 miles from each other.
  • Suffers from asthma.
  • She is the youngest of 6 – she has 5 siblings who are all at least 8 years older than her. One of them is Maureen Pompeo.
  • Ellen’s paternal grandfather, Angelo Pompeo, was an Italian emigrant, born in Avellino. Ellen’s paternal grandmother was of English, Irish, and Scottish ancestry, and Ellen’s mother’s family is also of Irish origin.
  • Had another scene in Daredevil (2003) as Matt Murdock’s (Ben Affleck) secretary Karen Page, but it was deleted from the theatrical version of the film.
  • Was approached to play the role of Becky in Clerks II (2006), but turned it down because she had just finished the pilot for Grey’s Anatomy (2005).

Personal Quotes by Ellen Pompeo

Acting can be an amazingly cathartic thing – especially for young girls.

- Ellen Pompeo

Want is misery.

- Ellen Pompeo

This is Hollywood. People don’t admit mistakes.

- Ellen Pompeo

Cancer is something that touches everyone’s lives.

- Ellen Pompeo

Really, I don’t care if people think I’m too skinny. This is my body. If they don’t like it, screw it.

- Ellen Pompeo