Elsa Pataky Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Elsa Pataky Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

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Elsa Pataky was born Elsa Lafuente Medianu in Madrid, Spain. Her mother, Cristina Pataky Medianu, is a publicist of Romanian and Hungarian ancestry, and her father, José Francisco Lafuente, is a Spanish biochemist. She attended the Universidad de San Pablo CEU where she studied journalism and began to take an interest in acting. She joined Teatro Cámara de Ángel Gutiérrez, a theater company in Madrid, and left college when she was offered a role in the long-running Spanish TV series Al salir de clase (1997).

Interesting Facts about Elsa Pataky

  • (December 26, 2010) Married her boyfriend of 10 months Chris Hemsworth following a 5-month-long engagement.
  • Her mother’s surname Pataky is Hungarian and means “someone(‘s family) from a town called Patak (which means creek)”. The ‘y’ at the end indicates a noble family.
  • Her mother is of Hungarian and Romanian descent and her father is Spanish.
  • Sister-in-law of Liam Hemsworth and Luke Hemsworth.
  • Gave birth to her twin sons (her 2nd & 3rd children, Tristan and Sasha Hemsworth) at age 37 on March 18, 2014. Children’s father is her husband, Chris Hemsworth.
  • Can speak Spanish, French, English, Romanian and Italian.
  • Was engaged to Michaël Youn (2004-2005).
  • She enjoys roller blading, snowboarding, and riding horses.
  • Former girlfriend of Adrien Brody [2006-2009]. Were engaged [April 2008-May 2009].
  • Gave birth to her 1st child at age 35, a daughter named India Rose Hemsworth on May 8, 2012. Child’s father is her husband, Chris Hemsworth.
  • Is one of the young Spanish actors that became popular for her role in Al salir de clase (1997).

Personal Quotes by Elsa Pataky

Having the person that you love by your side and starting a family with them is the best thing that can happen to you in this life. You can’t ask for more.

Elsa Pataky