Jennifer Lopez Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Jennifer Lopez Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Below is a compiled list of the most interesting facts about Jennifer Lopez. Check it out!

Jennifer Lynn Lopez was born on July 24, 1969 in The Bronx, New York City, New York. Her parents, Lupe López & David López were born in Ponce, Puerto Rico: the second largest Puerto Rican city. The two were brought to the continental United States during their childhoods and, eventually, met while living in New York City. Jennifer is the middle of three musically-inclined sisters, Leslie Scholl, a homemaker, and Lynda Lopez, who is a DJ on New York’s WKTU, a VH1 VJ, and a morning news show correspondent on New York’s Channel 11.


Interesting Facts about Jennifer Lopez

  • Released her third album, “This is Me… Then”, on November 26, 2002. The first single from the album was the song “Jenny from the Block”. Another track, “Baby I Love You!”, borrows heavily from the melody of John Barry’s theme for Midnight Cowboy (1969). Barry gets co-composer credit.
  • Launched her third perfume in the J.Lo perfume line called Miami Glow. [February 2005]
  • Came in at #5 in FHM magazine’s Sexiest Girls of 2002 poll, American edition. She had come in first in the 2000 and 2001 editions of the poll. [June 2002]
  • Graduated from Preston High School: an all girls Catholic school.
  • Ranked #3 on VH1’s 100 Sexiest Artists.
  • Outspoken critic of the celebrities has and hasn’t worked with.
  • Originally wanted wanted to be a lawyer.
  • Has said that her co-star Josh Lucas from the film, An Unfinished Life (2005) is her favorite on-screen kiss.
  • Sisters are Lynda Lopez and Leslie Scholl.
  • Is a client of Simon Fields.
  • Chosen by People magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World in 2011.
  • Secretly married Marc Anthony on June 5, 2004; all the guests were invited to an “afternoon party”, and they were never told that they were going to a wedding.

Personal Quotes by Jennifer Lopez

People equate sexy with promiscuous. They think that because I’m shaped this way, I must be scandalous – like running around and bringing men into my hotel room. But it’s just the opposite.

- Jennifer Lopez

I’d be stupid not to take into consideration that there are certain things people will not consider me for because my name is Lopez. And I know I can do any kind of role. I don’t want anybody to say, Oh, she can’t pull this off. So those are barriers that you have to overcome.

- Jennifer Lopez

You get what you give. What you put into things is what you get out of them.

- Jennifer Lopez

I was always a singer and a dancer, and I always wanted to be an actress. For me, it’s all just one thing.

- Jennifer Lopez

I could serve coffee using my rear as a ledge.

- Jennifer Lopez