Joseph Gordon-Levitt Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

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Joseph Leonard Gordon-Levitt was born February 17, 1981 in Los Angeles, California, to Jane Gordon and Dennis Levitt. Joseph was raised in a Jewish family with his late older brother, Dan Gordon-Levitt, who passed away in October 2010. His parents worked for the Pacifica Radio station KPFK-FM and his maternal grandfather, Michael Gordon, had been a well-known movie director. Joseph first became well known for his starring role on NBC’s award-winning comedy series 3rd Rock from the Sun (1996). During his six seasons on the show, he won two YoungStar Awards and also shared in three Screen Actors Guild Award® nominations for Outstanding Performance by a Comedy Series Ensemble.


Interesting Facts about Joseph Gordon-Levitt

  • He has said that he has been told many times by producers that he needed to pack on some weight because he appeared “too skinny” on screen. He did bulk up recently, but only to more greatly resemble a young Bruce Willis in their film Looper (2012).
  • Graduated from Van Nuys High School with honors in June 1999.
  • Was ranked #6 on Entertainment Weekly’s ’30 Under 30′ the actors list (2008).
  • Beijing, China: Filming his movie Looper (2012). [April 2011]
  • His acting mentor is John Lithgow.
  • He appeared in a preschool production of “The Wizard of Oz” before he began acting professionally.
  • Joseph was nominated for a Tony Award in 2009 for Best Special Theatrical Event with his fellow producers of the Broadway show “Slava’s Snowshow”.
  • Began acting at the age of six with auditioning and landing small roles in commercials and television until he landed his breakout role in 3rd Rock from the Sun (1996).
  • Good friends with Mysterious Skin (2004) co-star, Michelle Trachtenberg.
  • When Marion Cotillard was honored at Hollywood Film Festival in 2012, he presented the tribute to her in French, Cotillard’s native language. Levitt and Cotillard were co-stars in Inception (2010) and The Dark Knight Rises (2012).
  • Good friends with Channing Tatum and David Krumholtz. Also friends with Leonardo DiCaprio, Zooey Deschanel, Anne Hathaway, and Emily Blunt.
  • Speaks French.

Personal Quotes by Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Storytelling in general is a communal act. Throughout human history, people would gather around, whether by the fire or at a tavern, and tell stories. One person would chime in, then another, maybe someone would repeat a story they heard already but with a different spin. It’s a collective process.

- Joseph Gordon-Levitt

The thing about Occupy is that the sentiment the movement embodies is timeless: Don’t be greedy, share.

- Joseph Gordon-Levitt

To me, a sex scene in a movie generally means a gratuitous scene that doesn’t serve the story but gives a kind of excuse – we’ve got these two actors, we want to see them naked, so let’s bring in the music and the soft light.

- Joseph Gordon-Levitt

When I was a teenager I loved acting, but I really just loved it for myself. I didn’t like the fact that anyone else saw the work I was doing. When I moved to New York, I started to realize that I wanted people to see the stuff that I was doing, and I wanted it to mean something to them.

- Joseph Gordon-Levitt

When I arrived at Columbia, I gave up acting and became interested in all things French. French poetry, French history, French literature.

- Joseph Gordon-Levitt