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Matthew George “Matt” Reeves was born April 27, 1966 in Rockville Center, New York, USA and is a writer, director and producer. Reeves began making movies at age eight, directing friends and using a wind-up camera. He befriended filmmaker J.J. Abrams when both were 13 years old and a public-access television cable channel, Z Channel, aired their short films. When Reeves and Abrams were 15 or 16 years old, Steven Spielberg hired them to transfer some of his own Super 8 films to videotape. Reeves attended the University of Southern California and there, between 1991 and 1992, he produced an award-winning student film, Mr. Petrified Forest, which helped him acquire an agent. He also co-wrote a script that eventually became Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995). After graduating, he co-wrote The Pallbearer (1996), which became his directorial debut.


Interesting Facts about Matt Reeves

  • Cites Martin Scorsese as the filmmaker who inspired him to make movies.
  • Was set to direct a film adaption of The Twilight Zone (1954-1964) but dropped out to direct Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014) instead.
  • He and J.J. Abrams first met screening their early shorts at an 8mm film fest in Los Angeles.
  • Unforgiven(1992) is one of his favorite movies.
  • Heard a lecture from Francis Ford Coppola at film school that inspired him.

Personal Quotes by Matt Reeves

Really interesting genre films, especially monster movies, evoke the fears of the times intentionally. Our starting point was ‘Godzilla’ – the original movie was released less than 10 years after Hiroshima, and it’s a classic in Japan.

- Matt Reeves

I thought this was the most incredible opportunity. Because ‘Planet Of The Apes,’ aside from the fantasy element of talking apes, is such an amazing franchise, because under the surface of that genre, you’re actually looking at human nature.

- Matt Reeves

I’m a first-time father, and it was amazing to me to learn that my son could actually use sign language before the spoken word. I could see this intelligence in his eyes before he could speak: how he could understand what was going on around him and was frustrated by that.

- Matt Reeves

There’s something about seeing a movie that you like, and being able to see the scenes that didn’t make it, just as a window into the process of how choices are made and how a movie is made. To me, the idea of getting to have the scenes on the DVD is very exciting.

- Matt Reeves

Really interesting genre films, especially monster movies, evoke the fears of the times intentionally.

- Matt Reeves