Mike Epps 5 Interesting Facts

Mike Epps Net Worth: 5 Facts You Should Know

Below is a compiled list of the most interesting facts about Mike Epps. Check it out!

Mike Epps Net Worth: 5 Facts You Should Know

Mike Epps is an American stand up comedian, actor, film producer, writer, and rapper. Epps is well known for his playing Day-Day Jones in Next Friday and for its sequel, Friday After Next. He also appeared in The Hangover as “Black Doug”.Mike was the executive producer on a documentary about the life story of a former member of Tupac Shakur’s Outlawz, Napoleon: Life of an Outlaw.

Mike had played in the Resident Evil: Apocalypse in 2004 and Resident Evil: Extinction in 2007 in the role of Lloyd Jefferson “L.J.” He was born on November 18, 1970, at Wishard Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Here are some facts about Mike Epps :

  1. Mike Epps net worth is estimated to be $6 Million.

Mike Epps net worth is around $6 Million. He is one of the versatile people who had engaged himself in various professions. He had earned the money from his talent for acting, rapping, writing film producing and others. Mike had given the best performance in his every field.

Through acting he gave us many hit films and as a comedian he gave us comedy shows. From his films, comedy shows he gets the good amount of money which helps to maintain his net worth.

  1. Mike Epps explains comedy as a love of the art.

Mike Epps is in the industry of comedy for the love of the art. He is not in the industry for the fame and success. He is not there due to the love of money. Mike had even turned down several roles and opportunities which he thinks had no value and impact. He thinks for longevity in this industry, they should reinvent themselves.

  1. Theater gave Mike Epps his professional career.

Before being popular Mike used to work in a theater. He worked at the Comedy Act Theater in Atlanta. While he was in comedy act theater, he got his first breakout role on HBO’S Def Comedy Jam. From HBO’S Def comedy Jam he began his professional career. He was criticized by disability campaigners for mocking physically and mentally disabled children.

  1. Mike Epps was criticized for the animal.

There are many animal lovers in the world. They don’t like animals being hurt by humans. Mike is one of the popular comedians who have many fan followers and they want to know his every move. Mike received a criticism in around mid-2017 regarding bringing a Kangaroo into the stage. While he was busy on performing, his fans and animal lovers noticed Kangaroo was distressed and despite this Mike was grabbing and holding it.

  1. Mike Epps divorced his wife.

Mike Epps has changed his 10 years long marriage into divorce. Mike married his gorgeous wife Mechelle McCain in July 2006. They were living together in Beverly Hills, California before their divorce. They first met each other while they were filming The Fighting Temptations. In that film, McCain had a role of non- speaking where she was Epps’ character’s girlfriend. Unfortunately, they divorced in September 2017.

Interesting Facts about Mike Epps