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Neek Bucks Net Worth & Wiki: 5 Interesting Facts You Should Know

Below is a compiled list of the most interesting facts about Neek Bucks. Check it out!

Neek Bucks is an emerging rapper all the way from Harlem. Many have cited him as one of the upcoming rappers to watch out in 2018 for the quality and meaning behind his music. As of 2018, Neek Bucks net worth is estimated to be $100,000.

Here are some interesting facts about Neek Bucks:

1. A gunfire in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn made him serious about music

In 2011, Bucks was sadly in attendance when a clash between two groups led to a horrific gunfire. This was an incident that took place at the annual Brooklyn-Queens Day celebration in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn.

The consequences of the gunfire resulted in the death of a young 16 year old and many others who were severely wounded. This sad day opened up Bucks’ eyes to the true value of life and made him serious to make a decision to become someone in life. Bucks definitely had experienced a traumatic experience from which he found a meaning to move forward in life and to become someone who he wanted to become.

2. Three years after the incident, he almost died from the result of the bullet.

Bucks, whose real name is Unique Herbert, had merely been grazed by the bullet from the incident. He felt that nothing problematic had occurred due to which he didn’t even go to the hospital

But over the years, he suffered severe migraines on a consistent basis which eventually led him to the hospital in 2014. This was a very serious situation and if it hadn’t been taken care in time, Bucks could have died. Such events have completely changed his outcome in life and thankfully he has a positive mindset today to become a great rapper.

3. Neek Bucks considers Lil Durk as a role model.

Bucks is originally from Wagner Projects in Harlem. There, he grew up listening to Listening to 50 Cent and Dipset. These rappers and their music initially got him interested into hip-hop.

Later, Bucks noted that he was a big follower of Lil Durk. He is especially impressed by the amount of progress that the artist was able to make creating a very large impact upon his career. He has even suggested that it would be great if they were to work together. Today, with his rise, his music is sometimes even compared with Meek Mill.

4. His EP’s cover art was his actual X-rays.

His Extended Play called Here For a Reason was the project that had a lot of meaning to him and correlated highly with the incidents that had occurred in his life.

Bucks, who recently just crossed over 50k followers on Instagram, actually put his X-rays showing the shrapnel in his head as the cover art for the project. This created a lot of buzz and awareness about himself and the EP.

5. He plans to be the next Jay-Z.

Aside from his dream of bringing back the real New York music back to the mainstream, Bucks has plans set already to replicate the success that Jay-Z has had as an Entrepreneur.

Bucks envisions himself in the legendary rappers shows one day with an Empire in the hip-hop industry that is top class. He is currently working on his latest single which is set to be called as “Do You”.

Interesting Facts about Neek Bucks