Vincent D’Onofrio Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Vincent D'Onofrio Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

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Vincent Phillip D’Onofrio was born on June 30, 1959 in Brooklyn, New York, to Phyllis, a restaurant manager and server, and Gene D’Onofrio, a theatre production assistant and interior designer. He is of Italian descent and has two older sisters. He studied at the Actors Studio and the American Stanislavski Theatre. Vincent D’Onofrio is known as an “actor’s actor”. The wide variety of roles he has played and the quality of his work have earned him a reputation as a versatile talent.

Interesting Facts about Vincent D'Onofrio

  • Sons: Elias Gene D’Onofrio, born in December 1999. Luka D’Onofrio, born on February 14, 2008. Their mother is Carin van der Donk.
  • Unhappy with his impression of Orson Welles, director Tim Burton had D’Onofrio’s voice dubbed, in the film Ed Wood (1994). The near perfect Orson Welles impression was supplied by voice-over artist Maurice LaMarche.
  • Gained 45 pounds for his role in The Salton Sea (2002).
  • RenĂ©e Zellweger thanked him in her Oscar acceptance speech when she won ‘Best Actress in a Supporting Role’ for Cold Mountain (2003).
  • He bleached his hair blond for his part in Adventures in Babysitting (1987).
  • Lives in New York to be with his family and for the filming of Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2001). [2002]
  • Uncle of Hawk D’Onofrio. Hawk is the son of Vincent’s older sister, Elizabeth D’Onofrio.
  • Coincidentally, he played Moriarty in the TV movie Sherlock (2002) while he starred as Robert Goren in Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2001), whose character is based on Sherlock Holmes.
  • He is the only actor to have worked with Stanley Kubrick and Robert Altman.
  • Gained a world record 70 pounds for his role in Full Metal Jacket (1987).
  • Was considered for the role of Knuckles in Suburban Commando (1991).
  • Daughter: Leila George, born March 20, 1992. Her mother is actress Greta Scacchi.

Personal Quotes by Vincent D'Onofrio

So a failed movie is not going to ruin my career.

- Vincent D'Onofrio

If you try to go beyond your interests just for the sake of pretensions or wealth, your art becomes less legitimate.

- Vincent D'Onofrio

The more you are known, the more difficult it is to hide behind characters.

- Vincent D'Onofrio

Our show is different, because it’s not about law and order, it’s about psychology, the intent of somebody.

- Vincent D'Onofrio

I found my niche as a character actor, and I’ve never felt like a movie star or teen idol and never wanted to.

- Vincent D'Onofrio