Zoey Deutch Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Zoey Deutch Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Below is a compiled list of the most interesting facts about Zoey Deutch. Check it out!

Zoey Deutch was born in Los Angeles, California. She starred in Everybody Wants Some (2016), Before I Fall (2017), Why Him? (2016), Flower (2017) and Set It Up (2018).


Interesting Facts about Zoey Deutch

  • Zoey Deutch was announced the recipient of “Maxmara Face Of the future award” for the year 2017 by Women In Film organization.
  • Her scene in The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) was cut from the theatrical release, but is available on the DVD as a deleted scene in the Special Features.
  • Has been a dancer for her whole life, having studied ballet, jazz, tap, modern, hip-hop and more.
  • She is the great-niece of Robert Walden.
  • She attended Oakwood School, as well as The Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, where she majored in Theatre.
  • Zoey Deutch was among four selected people who performed a live reading of selected scenes from five winning scripts at the 2017 Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting Awards Presentation & Live Read.
  • Niece of Phillip Goodrich and Coleen Goodrich.
  • She studied acting as a teenager at the Young Actors Space with Patrick Day, who has also coached Shailene Woodley, Emma Stone, and Jessica Biel among others.
  • Grew up in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Cousin of Elizabeth Goodrich.
  • Her father is of Russian Jewish and Polish Jewish descent. Her mother has Irish, English, Scots-Irish, German, and distant Dutch, ancestry. Zoey had a Bat Mitzvah ceremony.
  • Younger sister of Madelyn Deutch.

Personal Quotes by Zoey Deutch

It’s nice to have my mother as someone I can talk to about acting. My dad’s a director, so when he comes to watch me on set, he think it’s his set. He’s always telling a production assistant, ‘Can you get me five donuts?’

- Zoey Deutch

I think people know that I love food, but maybe people don’t know that I cook a lot.

- Zoey Deutch

One thing my family has shown me is that having a sense of humor is everything.

- Zoey Deutch

I never thought I would become that person who loves working out. It sucks while you’re doing it, but the second you finish, it’s like, ‘Wow, I feel great! I’m stronger and much more confident.’

- Zoey Deutch

You see, every day, that the people who are seemingly so confident and seemingly so in love with themselves are the ones who are the most insecure and hurting the most inside.

- Zoey Deutch