Alona Tal Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Alona Tal Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

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Alona Tal, an Israeli-American singer and actress, was born on October 20, 1983 in Herzliya, Israel. She began her career after serving in the Israeli Defense Forces. Her big break came in 2003 starring in an Israeli film. At the time she also starred in two television series in the country, and also dabbled in music, recording several songs with the Israeli rapper Subliminal. Tal moved in with her sister in New York to take a break from her career. There, she collaborated with Haitian artist Wyclef Jean in the song “Party to Damascus”. She also managed to establish herself on American television, beginning with a recurring role in the series Veronica Mars: She originally auditioned for the lead role, but creator Rob Thomas wrote a new character just for her. Tal later snagged a regular role in the short-lived CBS series.


Interesting Facts about Alona Tal

  • Her first language is Hebrew.
  • Came in second for the role of Veronica on Veronica Mars (2004).
  • Has a daughter, Charlie Ferraez (b.March 7, 2017), with her husband Marcos A. Ferraez.
  • Starred in two television shows in Israel before moving to New York.
  • Recorded a song with singer Wyclef Jean.
  • Both her parents are Jewish–her father is Turkish/Jewish and her mother is Polish/Jewish.
  • Served in The Israel Defense Forces.
  • Originally auditioned for Veronica Mars (2004) and was Rob Thomas’ second choice for the title role. Thomas liked her so much he created the recurring role of Meg Manning specifically for her.
  • Plays the daughter of Adrian Monk’s murdered wife in the last episode of the last season of Monk (2002).

Personal Quotes by Alona Tal

I’m not a real blond… Shocking.

- Alona Tal

My closest friends from Israel make fun of me for becoming an American, and my American friends make fun of how Israeli I am… I can’t win.

- Alona Tal

I had family and friends back home. Just because I could potentially feel alone in Los Angeles, that didn’t mean I was alone.

- Alona Tal

I always had a weird thing with being the last person somewhere… like a movie theater or a classroom. I get a weird sense of anxiety.

- Alona Tal