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Jimmy Wopo Wiki & Net Worth: 5 Facts About The Rapper

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Jimmy Wopo is Pittsburgh’s rising rapper. Some are even referring him to be the next Prince of the city. His attention grabbing lyrics in the song “Elm Street” first brought him into the mainstream of hip-hop. The song was a viral success and introduced the world to an aspiring rapper with a very high appeal.

Wopo represents Pittsburgh and because of the faith and support given to him there, he is very serious about shading a good light. With his popularity rising more and more everyday, there is a lot more responsibly needed in his actions as it does reflect his city eventually in the hip-hop world.

Here are some facts about the young rapper:

1.Jimmy Wopo net worth is estimated to be $50,000

As of 2018, Jimmy Wopo net worth is estimated to be $50,000. He has managed to produce some great content on a very tight budget for his music videos that have a very appeal matching that of one made at an ultra-professional level. The rapper, who recently launched “Lost” is sure to have a tour in plan some time in the coming days.

This amount is sure to increase multiple times with the momentum that he is carrying right now. He is still very young and has a long way to go. But with a city behind him and his work getting higher appeal by the day, it looks like Wopo is going to have an extraordinary career.

2.He started rapping at 7

He was brought up  in Hill District-a distinctly black neighborhood, he was more focused on making ends meet. He grew up in the streets and school wasn’t for him. But he started rapping at a very young age of 7. This is probably because of his environment that was surrounded by the smell of hip-hop.

Growing up, Wopo was heavily influenced by the music produced by Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller. He even mentions that growing up in Pittsburgh there really weren’t any noticeable stars in the mainstream but he would treat the local rappers and artists of the city as stars. Today, the music that he produces definitely has traces of those that influenced him back in the days.

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3.The song “Walkn Bomb” was a comeback to a diss

In April last year, Jimmy Wopo dropped the mixtape called Jordan Kobe. The project has many messages inside it of pain, death, and incarceration. In the mixtape, he has included the importance his home city has had addressing some contemporary problems facing society.

Another Viral hit that he has produced is “Walkn Bomb”. This was made in a song-to-song beef with a rapper from his same city. Following a diss that included him as well as many other local rappers, Wopo had enough of it and responded with a viral song. This was back during the time when Wopo was still involved in acts of violence.

4.Getting shot changed his life

Jimmy Wopo has had some very unpleasant moments in his short life so far. He has been shot multiple times. In an interview with Complex, he stated that it was a reminder of the negative activities that he was upto back in the days and his evolution into a positive light.

The scars of bullet shots are a reminder to keep on pushing for more success and a positive direction towards having a meaningful life.

5.He wants to make Pittsburgh music break nationally

Wopo, who is more fond of producing music with a darker tone, released “Bench Boy”.A song that is much of the opposite. He actually wrote the song when he was only 17 years of age and was trying to switch his style even back then.

He has gone on to also release Elm Street 2, following the viral success of its predecessor. Wopo looks to have a strong purpose of proving to the entire hip-hop bubble about the potential of getting Pittsburgh on a national level. He has mentioned with the way things are going of late that there is a big chance that a big breakthrough is eventually going to outburst for sure.