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Victoria Waldrip Net Worth & Wiki: 5 Facts You Should Know

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Victoria Waldrip is an Instagram superstar who is creating attention for her through her videos on the platform. These videos include rap videos, wearing her hair in dreadlocks and mainly claiming that she is black.

Here are some interesting facts about Victoria Waldrip.

1.Victoria Waldrip net worth is estimated to be around $500,000.

As of 2018, Victoria Waldrip net worth is calculated to be around $500,000. She is best known online as Woah Vicky though she also uses the name Icky Vicky as it is a lot more rememberable for new users.  The young teenager is originally from Atlanta, Georgia. She now proudly presents herself to be of black heritage. She has even started behaving in a stereo typical black manner which is mostly depicted in films.

She has managed to get the attention of more than 1.3 million users on Instagram and her follower count is increasing exponentially at the moment.

She has started to monetize her Instagram page through placement of products as well as endorsements of different brands. She is also open to paid appearances as well. She now has ambitions of being a rapper and wants to have her own show one day.

2. Her videos were shared by Snoop Dogg and Plies.

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 This is the moment that she believes that she had “made it”. When world-famous artists like Snoop Dogg and Plies who themselves have millions of followers share a post, it is inevitable that she would be getting a lot of traffic.

In her Instagram account we can see her teaching her followers how to twerk, messing with guns, and uses the N-word repeatedly in many parts of her videos on Instagram. She is also seen wearing golden grills, do-rages, and even shower caps in her videos.

She now makes video-tutorials to keep makeup for those having black skin and teaching her female followers how to fight. In one bizarre rant, she even said that she was pregnant with twins. It is safe to say that she could be very unstable or just a smart girl who knows how to get the attention of the Internet.

3. She has been compared to Rachel Dolezal

She has now been compared with Rachel Dolezal who was born white but says she identifies as being black. Piers Morgan heavily blasted this comment regarding Rachel Dolezal for being racist.

Rachel Dolezal was actually a former civil rights campaigner who was president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in Washington until 2015. But after what she had stated was proved to be wrong, she was put in a situation where she had to resign and frankly, she is to blame for it.

4. She now wants to celebrate her birthday on the day she found out she was black.

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She now wants to celebrate her birthday on the day that she found out she had black heritage. She says that according to a DNA result she posted on her pages, she is 45% black.

She had initially told everyone that she was 25% black but her own post later boosted the percentage. She blamed her mom for kept saying that she was white even though she had the belief in herself that she was black.

5. She once called her own followers as racist

After such a wild claim, it was inevitable that a lot of people with a thing called common sense were not going to react properly. Because of her heavy imitation of African-American culture, she got many hate comments even from her own followers.

This resulted in Vicky herself complaining to her followers saying that they were “racist as f***” for not accepting her self-identification. She goes on to say that even though she has blonde hair and pale skin, she is actually black, not white.

Interesting Facts about Victoria Waldrip