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5 Hottest Male Instagram Models

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Instagram as a social media platform is a huge buzz. Picture sharing, video sharing, live stories, geolocation, hashtag feed, multiple picture post, improvements in the DM feature, stickers and polls for Instagram stories and a whole new bunch of advanced features for the platform are being added very often on the application.

Instagram was made for models. Not exclusively does it give them a chance to share shots that deplorably wound up on the cutting-room floor, it likewise bears them the chance to share their own particular snaps and selfies for a change. Thus, from wearing penguin suits (we aren’t talking tuxes) and taking snoozes with puppies to skydiving and moving on the shoreline with different models, here’s what today’s 5 Hottest Instagram Models really want you to see.

  1. Matthew Noszka, @matthew_noszka


Matthew Noszka Hottest Models

Matthew Noszka was brought up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and migrated to New York City. His mom was diagnosed with breast cancer when he was 11. He is of the Polish, Irish, Swedish and Spanish plunge. Noszka went to Point Park University on a basketball scholarship where he sought after a degree in business. Once the spring term of his lesser year finished, Noszka began working odd employments, for example, development for the length of the mid-year break. After he effectively manufactured a deck close by his family, Mike, he posted a photograph on Instagram. In the wake of posting the photograph, Matthew was reached by an agent from the Wilhelmina Models office situated in New York City. The agent, named Luke Simone, requested that Noszka send him photographs. Inside days, Noszka was booked for a Nike modeling gig.

This model was made on Instagram. Simply the previous summer, while he was working in construction with his dad, he posted a photo of himself in cut-off pants and work boots to Instagram. Obviously, construction does the body greatly. Inside a month, top displaying organization Wilhelmina had marked him. Presently, his Instagram nourish is loaded with pictures from shoots for Tom Ford, Moncler, and Calvin Klein.

  1. Andre Hamann, @andrehamann


Andre Hamann Hottest Models

In the event that you are searching for André Hamann on Google, you will discover an Instagram profile followed after by hundreds of thousands of instagram user.

In any case, who is this conditioned, inked fellow with the three-day stubble?

Other than being a tremendous force in digital influencing, André Hamann fills in as a global model (Hugo Boss, D&G, Calvin Klein, Diesel, and so on.) and owns his clothing label “Haze and Glory”.

He loves to travel and dependably catches his adventures with a variety of photographs and videos, which he shares on his online networking profiles. André Hamann has additionally been playing the guitar since he was an adolescent, fun, free-energetic yet additionally a successful business visionary.

The German model and co-proprietor of Haze and Glory garments line is continually venturing to every part of the globe, snapping fortunate shots of regions, including Bali and Cape Town. In addition, you can expect a decent piece of sustenance porn and pics of the model cuddling with puppies and little cats – that sums up André Hamann.

  1. Johannes Huebl, @johanneshuebl


Johannes Huebl Hottest Models

Johannes Huebl loves to Insta his enviable life: Cuddling with spouse Olivia Palermo, skiing in the Alps, and stream setting between Paris, Berlin, and his new home, New York City. His photographs equal those shot of him for the top of the line brands, including Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, and MontBlanc. As of late, Huebl has begun taking a shot at the two sides of the camera, shooting covers for Scene Magazine New York and others.

  1. Jon Kortajarena, @kortajarenajon


Jon Kortajarena Hottest Models

Jon Kortajarena was born in Bilbao, Spain and now lives in Shoreditch, London. He communicates in Spanish, English, and Euskera. He went to an ikastola school up until the point that he was 10 years of age, yet because of making a trip he went ahead to select out in the open, private, and Catholic schools from that point. His mom is a hairdresser and she regularly styles his hair. In the event that he was not modeling he would be a full-time performer; nonetheless, he takes note of that inside outlining and photography are a few fields he has dependably been interested about. His side interests include watching films, perusing books by Hermann Hesse, sunbathing, setting off to the mountains with friends, and tuning in to music. He portrays himself as an ‘extreme sentimental’. Some of his most loved books include Perfume, The Wheel of Life by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, and Siddhartha. The Spanish media has revealed him to be involved with performing artist Luke Evans.

This Spanish- born model updates his profile day by day, and with something other than hot selfies and shots for brands including HM, 7 for All Mankind, and David Yurman in spite of the fact that those are quite magnificent, as well. His “Stunning, he’s a real person” photographs with family, companions, and his save canine, Ator, are what really make his feed worth following.

  1. Lucky Blue Smith, @kortajarenajon

Lucky Blue Smith Hottest Models

Lucky Blue Smith is a successful American model and musician. He has appeared on “Vogue” as well as plenty of other fashion magazines. His most characteristic features are his immersing blue eyes and his dapper look. Did you know he is a member of the family music band “The Atomics”? He comes from a quite big family, where his three sisters are the vocalists in the band. Lucky Blue Smith is the drummer. His Instagram presence is immense, and he has more than 3 million followers by now. He lives in Los Angeles and is managed by the talent agency NEXT Management. The paparazzi has been keen on following him around to cover his relationship with the american celebrity Stormi Bree. They have a baby now, congratulations!

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