John Mulaney Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

John Mulaney Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

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John Mulaney was born on August 26, 1982 in Chicago, Illinois, USA as John Edmund Mulaney. He is a writer and actor, known for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018), John Mulaney: Kid Gorgeous at Radio City (2018) and Saturday Night Live (1975). He has been married to Annamarie Tendler since July 5, 2014.


Interesting Facts about John Mulaney

  • Wrote the Stefon sketches on Weekend Update with Saturday Night Live (1975) cast member Bill Hader. Bill Hader and John Mulaney got the idea of Stefon from a shy cafĂ© worker and a friend who opened many clubs that ‘had everything’.
  • Won the 2018 Emmy Award in the Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series category for John Mulaney: Kid Gorgeous at Radio City (2018).
  • Maternal great-grandfather was George J. Bates, a mayor of Salem, Massachusetts, from 1924 to 1937, who also served as a congressman (R) from that state, from 1937 to 1949. His great-uncle, William H. Bates, was also a congressman (R) from Massachusetts, from 1950 to 1969.
  • He is of Irish, and one eighth German, descent.
  • Had two sisters and two brothers, the younger of which is deceased.
  • Owns a French Bulldog named Petunia.
  • Attended Georgetown University with comedian Nick Kroll.
  • On July 5, 2014, Mulaney married make-up artist Annamarie Tendler.
  • Mulaney attended St. Clement School and then St. Ignatius College Prep.
  • Grew up in Chicago.
  • Is a fan of the television show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999).
  • Parents are Ellen, a law professor, and Charles (Chip) W. Mulaney, Jr., an attorney.

Personal Quotes by John Mulaney

As I got into high school and after puberty, I was a little more inward. I was a real extrovert when I was little, but I don’t know, I just got quieter… With my friends, I was still an extrovert.

- John Mulaney

All my money is in a savings account. My dad has explained the stock market to me maybe 75 times. I still don’t understand it.

- John Mulaney

I don’t make plans anymore. So I’m not living minute to minute.

- John Mulaney

I’ve seen most of the major, important shows, but I watch them all at once, like movies, so my TV relationships are still with shows like ‘Law And Order: SVU,’ ‘Shark Tank,’ and HGTV.

- John Mulaney

It’s been very funny to try to act like an adult. Even getting dressed. Every day, I’m like, ‘Should I wear a blazer and walk around with an umbrella? Do I carry a briefcase?’ Because I’m trying to be some image of the adults I saw on TV growing up.

- John Mulaney