Miranda Cosgrove Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Miranda Cosgrove Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Below is a compiled list of the most interesting facts about Miranda Cosgrove. Check it out!

Miranda Taylor Cosgrove was born May 14, 1993 in Los Angeles, California, to Christina (Casey) and Tom Cosgrove, who owns a dry-cleaning business. She was discovered at a young age singing and dancing around a table in a restaurant, where an agent saw her talent and quickly signed her. Miranda’s career started with commercials for Burger King, McDonalds and more as she auditioned for many roles and finally won her first role as the band’s manager in the movie, School of Rock (2003).


Interesting Facts about Miranda Cosgrove

  • She began homeschooling after elementary school.
  • Her role models are Anne Hathaway and Rachel McAdams.
  • Broke her ankle in a tour bus accident August 11, 2011. She had to walk with crutches for a couple of months and the rest of the tour was canceled.
  • Favorite movie is Mean Girls (2004).
  • Has a cat named Lucy.
  • As of 2011 she’s contemplating getting her ears pierced after seeing some earrings that made her want to pierce her ears. Announced on Instagram in 2013, “Got my ears pierced today #alittlelate”.
  • She auditioned for the role of Maddy In the movie Piranha 3DD (2012), but lost it to Danielle Panabaker.
  • Played the sister of Drake Bell in both Drake & Josh (2004) and Yours, Mine & Ours (2005).
  • She has English, Irish, French, and Mexican ancestry. Her maternal grandfather, William Frank Casey, was the son of an Irish-born father, William, and a Mexican-born mother, Mary.
  • Favorite artists are Gwen Stefani, Avril Lavigne and Paramore.
  • Was named the highest-paid child actress by Guinness World Records in 2011.
  • She had a dog named Pearl. Pearl died in 2012 and Miranda now has a new dog named Penny.

Personal Quotes by Miranda Cosgrove

I’ve had journals ever since I was really little. Sometimes I write poems and stuff, but for the most part I write down what happens to me during the day that I don’t want to forget. So I have books filled with little things like that.

- Miranda Cosgrove

I’ve feel like I’ve been doing TV shows most of my life.

- Miranda Cosgrove

As far as movies, I love ‘The Notebook.’ I always say that I wish I could play Rachel McAdams’ character. She’s amazing. That’s the movie every girl wants to be in.

- Miranda Cosgrove

A big part of why I wanted to go to college is to meet people and make friends.

- Miranda Cosgrove

It scared my mom to death when all my friends started driving. She always told me she wanted me to drive, but I think she kind of felt lucky that I didn’t get my permit when all my friends did. I think that’s been the hardest thing for her, watching me go out with my friends and literally drive away.

- Miranda Cosgrove