Téa Leoni Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

Téa Leoni Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Other Facts

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Elizabeth Téa Pantaleoni was born on February 25, 1966 in New York City. Her father, Anthony Pantaleoni, was a corporate lawyer, and her mother, Emily Ann (Patterson), worked as a dietitian and nutritionist. She is of Italian (from a paternal great-great-grandfather), Polish, English, Irish, Scottish, and German descent. Téa attended but did not complete studies at Sarah Lawrence College. She started out in acting as Lisa DiNapoli in Santa Barbara (1984) in 1989 and followed up with small roles in Switch (1991) and A League of Their Own (1992).

Interesting Facts about Téa Leoni

  • Considered for the role of Melissa Robinson in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994).
  • Gave birth to her first child at age 33, daughter West Duchovny on April 24, 1999. She goes by her middle name West because of her family’s custom.
  • She and husband David Duchovny appeared together on TV only once, when she played herself on the 2000 The X Files (1993) episode, The X Files: Hollywood A.D. (2000).
  • Attended Sarah Lawrence College
  • Inherited the stage wardrobe of Sonny Bono. They are a perfect fit, requiring no alterations. She wore a glittered suit once owned by Sony Bono on the The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (2005) broadcast on December 22, 2007. She demonstrated that the suits have Velcro fasteners to make it easier to quickly change outfits.
  • Was considered for the role of “Rachel” on Friends (1994) (1994-2004).
  • Is a huge fan of fly fishing, an activity she pursues as often as she can.
  • Her husband David Duchovny called her for his “Phone a Friend” lifeline when he appeared on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (1999). When she couldn’t offer him any help in regards to the question, she simply told him; “You’re screwed, honey”.
  • Daughter of Emily and Anthony Pantaleoni
  • In a relationship with Madam Secretary (2014) co-star Tim Daly since summer 2014.
  • Went to Oahu (HI) to help search for her cousin, Tim Pantaleoni, in the summer of 1995. He mysteriously vanished while hiking and to this day has never been found.
  • Raised on Manhattan’s Upper East Side and sent to exclusive all-girls Brearley School and The Putney School, a progressive boarding school in Vermont. She graduated from Putney in 1984 intent on studying anthropology and psychology.